Mauro Porcini


A selection of Mauro’s speeches on design, innovation and leadership.

Designing A Better World With Mauro Porcini

New York, 2022

Mauro Porcini speaking about "The Human Side of Innovation" at the Pentawards Festival

London, 2022

Mauro Porcini speech at "Power to the Marketer Festival" by Vogue Business with Emarsys

New York, 2022

Mauro Porcini at DDD 2018

Geneva, 2018

The key attributes of innovators,
entrepreneurs and design thinkers

Award Acceptance Speech at New York's Scuola d'Italia Gala

New York, 2018

Il messaggio di Mauro Porcini
ai Laureati del Politecnico di Milano

New York, 2022
(Italian language)

Mauro Porcini's speech at AIGA 2019

California, 2019

States-General of the
Italian Language in the World

Followed by the speech of Italian President Mattarella

Rome, 2021 (Italian language)

The skills of the unicorns,
people in love with people

New York, 2021

L'età dell'eccellenza
The human side of innovation

Italian teaser

New York, 2021
(Italian language, English subtitles)

Interview with Mauro Porcini

Challengers and Icons - Season 4 Episode 1

New York, 2018

World Business Forum 2016

Sydney, 2016

World Business Forum 2017

Madrid, 2017

A day in the life of Mauro Porcini

New York, 2019

In the age of excellence the
(business) world needs design more than ever

Video message for the US MARKET FORUM 2018

New York, 2018

"Respect" as a driver of innovation

New York, 2019

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